Frame Library and LSC Software Installation

Many gravitational wave scientists work with strain data in the gravitational wave frame file format (.gwf). The Frame Library software package has been created to read, write, and manipulate GW frame files.

Here are several options to download and install the Frame Library:

Option 1) Download the entire LSCSoft

  • Works for "Unix Like" systems such as Linux, Debian, and Mac OS X

Option 2) Download just the Frame Library

  • Works for "Unix Like" systems such as Linux, Debain, and Mac OS X
WARNING: So far, there does NOT seem to be a way to make the Python implementation work using this method. This seems to only install the command line tools, NOT the Python modules.

See documentation on the Frame Library web site.

  • You can install just the frame library with MacPorts, by typing sudo port install libframe.
  • You can also install just the Frame Library from source, by downloading the FrameL "Source Tarball" from this table.

Option 3) Install a Virtual Machine

  • Currently, the only option to work with GW Frame files using Windows.