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The Gravitational-wave Transient Catalog (GWTC) is a cumulative set of events detected by LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA.
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GWTC-3 Catalog Update

With the recent publication of the GWTC-3 catalog paper, some of the parameter estimation values that were previously published in our site have been updated to reflect those in the final publication.

GWTC-3 expands its predecessor GWTC-2.1 with 35 new compact binary coalescence candidates. Check out the GWTC-3 catalog page to browse the latest results.

O4 Observing Run is Underway!

LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA began a new observing run on May 24, 2023, after three years of commissioning work.

This observing run, known as O4, promises to take gravitational-wave astronomy to the next level. O4 is planned to last 20 months, including up to two months of commissioning breaks. It will be the most sensitive search yet for gravitational waves. LIGO began operations on May 24th, while Virgo will join later in the year. KAGRA will observe for one month, beginning May 24th, rejoining later in the run after some upgrades.

You can see the latest discoveries on GraceDB, or see the live observatory status.


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