MICH and PRCL from the KAGRA O3GK run

Data Set

Reference paper: arXiv:2403.03004

Data from the KAGRA O3GK run were used to search for ultralight vector dark matter (arXiv:2403.03004). The search utilized two auxiliary channels:

  • The channel that monitors the differential Michelson interferometer length (MICH)
  • The channel that monitor the power recycling cavity length (PRCL)

This data set makes available the MICH and PRCL channels from KAGRA during the O3GK run. Both channels are calibrated to units of length in meters. Additional data from the O3GK run are available in the O3GK data release.

Channel Names


Data Access

This data release is available via network data streamer (NDS2) and Cern Virtual Machine File System (CernVM-FS). Point and click downloads are not currently available for this data release.


Data may be accessed from a network data server (NDS2) using the NDS2 client or GWpy. The following code can be used to download data (substitute any channel name that is a part of this data release):

from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
data = TimeSeries.fetch('K1:CAL-PRCL_DISPLACEMENT_C21', start=1270288000, end=1270288032, host='nds.gwosc.org')

See the Data Access Example Code for additional examples.


This data release is also available via CernVM-FS, under the directory gwosc.osgstorage.org. If accessing large amounts of data, and/or working on a computing cluster, CernVM-FS is recommended as the preferred option for data access. This data release has frame type AUX_AR1.

cd /cvmfs/gwosc.osgstorage.org/gwdata/O3AUX/AUXILIARY_C21/

Reading with gwpy

The files use a unit convention that is not recognized automatically by astropy, and so a few extra lines of code are needed if opening files with gwpy.

from astropy import units
new_unit = units.def_unit('time (s)', units.s)


This dataset has DOI: doi.org/10.7935/2y87-vb26

Revision History

  • June 15, 2024: First release