Documentation for O3 IMBH Marginal Trigger Data Release

This release includes data associated with marginal IMBH candidates in O3 initially published outside of main catalogs and O3 Discovery Papers. If updated versions of these data products become available they will be included in a future catalog paper data product release.

Publication: Search for intermediate mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo.[ArXiv]

Event Portal links for each marginal candidate:


  • Information for previously released GW190521, along with links to its data products can be found here.
  • Additional data products, including PE posterior samples, can be found here.
  • Small differences may exist between the values of parameter confidence intervals on the GWOSC website and those appearing in the papers for these events.
  • Strain data for these IMBH marginal candidates uses the non-linear 60 Hz subtraction method.†
  • See Event Portal Usage Notes for additional notes.

† Sub60Hz cleaning method: Machine-learning nonstationary noise out of gravitational-wave detectors

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Release Notes

  • O3 IMBH Marginal Candidates added: April 21, 2021