Background data for GW170608

Data Set Overview

This is a special data containing supplemental H1 data for times near GW170608. These data were used only to estimate the noise background levels around GW170608.

At the time of GW170608, the LIGO Hanford detector was not in nominal observation mode, but instead the detector "was undergoing a routine angular control procedure" [ApJL 851, 2 (2017)]. As a result of this, the noise background estimate for GW170608 used a collection of H1 data in a similar state. The background segments include times both in nominal observation mode, which are already released as part of O2, and times not in nominal observation mode. This data set presents the data used for the GW170608 background estimate, but outside of observing mode.

  • Times: 1180911618 (2017-06-07, 23:00:00) to 1180982427 (2017-06-08, 18:40:09)
  • Only Hanford data are included


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GWF Channel Names and Calibration

Channel names in the GWF files are as described in the O2 run details. The calibration version used is also the same as in O2 data set.

H1 Segment List

For the GW170608 background estimate, the segment list used for L1 is as described in O2. For H1, the segment list used to produce the background estimate includes both times in observing mode and out of observing mode. In this special data set, we include only the times used for the background analysis, but not in observing mode, which includes 5 segments (see BKG160608 segment list in timeline).

In order to reproduce the analysis used for GW170608, one would also need to include some times previously released as part of the O2 data set. The complete H1 segment used for the background analysis, including times both in and out of observing mode, is presented below:

1180918677 1180924535 5858
1180926013 1180945183 19170
1180949799 1180972204 22405
1180972328 1180974438 2110
1180978040 1180982425 4385
1180982427 1180995429 13002
1180998098 1181023839 25741
1181024298 1181057421 33123

Note the last three segments are in observing mode (and may be found in O2), while the first five are included in this special data release.


To acknowledge the use of O2 data, see the Acknowledgement Page.

Revision History
  • May 31, 2019: First release