Release: GWTC-2.1-auxiliary

Event UID: GW190424_180648-v2

Names: GW190424_180648

GPS: 1240164426.1

UTC Time: 2019-04-24 18:06:48

GraceDB: S190424ao

GCN: Query for Circulars Notices

Timeline: Query for segments

This event was included in GWTC-2, but was found to be below threshold in GWTC-2.1. For parameter estimation information, see the GWTC-2 entries in Version 1 of this event. Strain data associated with this event are from the O3a strain data release.

gstlal Search Pipeline GWTC-2.1

Date added: Dec. 9, 2021

far (1/yr) 9.04
network_matched_filter_snr 10.09
p_astro 0.12

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L1 strain

Card image cap
4096sec • 4KHz: HDF GWF
4096sec • 16KHz: HDF GWF

V1 strain

Card image cap
4096sec • 16KHz: HDF GWF
4096sec • 4KHz: HDF GWF

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