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This is an exciting time in gravitational-wave astronomy! LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA are currently in their fourth observing run (O4). Data from the past three observing runs (O1, O2, and O3) are publicly available, and include over 90 detections of compact object mergers.

This Open Data Workshop is the 7th in a series of workshops that began in 2018. Participants will receive a crash-course in gravitational-wave data analysis. The workshop includes lectures by data analysis experts, hands on experience with software tutorials, and a data challenge designed to test your new skill in GW data analysis.

This year's workshop will still be hosted in a hybrid style at the national museum of the natural science in Taiwan following the 11th KAGRA International Workshop. Participants can join in-person in Taiwan or you are welcome to join the closest study hub or participate online.

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This is a hybrid workshop, with both in-person and online elements.

  • Lectures will be online, and may be watched live or recorded
  • Software tutorials, quiz questions, and a data challenge are in the online course
  • Join an in-person "Study Hub", or attend the workshop virtually.
  • Complete the online course and data challenge to receive a certificate.

Study Hubs

Study Hubs are in-person events where you can participate in the workshop. You are welcome to join a Study Hub, or start your own.

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Optional: Introductory Tutorials

If new to python or signal processing, you may wish to explore some introductory material in advance of the workshop.

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The workshop uses software tutorials to introduce GW data analysis. Please be aware that the tutorials will be under some development before the start of the workshop, so they are subject to change.

  • You'll need a computer and internet connection. Any operating system is OK.
  • Tutorials may be run locally on your computer, or online in the browser.
  • Some previous experience with python is recommended.
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Lecture Schedule

The lecture schedule is posted on the KIW webpage.

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